ESOL International: Test of Interactive English

About the Gatehouse Awards ESOL International Test of Interactive English


TIE-LOGO2The Gatehouse Awards ESOL International Test of Interactive English qualifications are designed for Candidates who live in the UK and abroad, who are not native speakers of the English language. The aim of these qualifications is to enable Candidates to develop their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills across all CEFR Levels, A1 to C2,  assisting them to prepare for further education and work.


About the Test of Interactive English


The Test of Interactive English is available in two forms, A1-B1 and B2-C2. The test and qualification design takes a unique approach to language testing in which speaking, reading, listening and writing skills are considered to be inter-linked and reliant on each other, where receptive language skills support and underlie productive skills – much as they tend to do in real life! The Spoken and Written tests incorporate tasks which Candidates can prepare for, choosing topics and texts in which they have a personal interest. The Test of Interactive English is an ideal alternative to a traditional four-skills language test.


Test Preparation


In preparation for the Test of Interactive English, Candidates will:

  • Read a book of their own choice (in English)
  • Carry out an investigation / project into a topic of personal interest
  • Keep a logbook of their research and preparation

And, at B2 and higher levels:

  • Follow a contemporary news story

Candidates read, present, discuss and write about their book and project / news story as well as take part in a series of unprepared tasks during both the Spoken and Written Tests of Interactive English.


Candidates can select their materials according to what they are interested in (with guidance from teachers where appropriate).  Here are some examples of books, projects and news stories chosen by Candidates in 2016:


Books Projects News Stories (B2 and above)
·         Tess of the d’Ubervilles (A Graded Reader) (OUP)

·         Zombie Attack! (An OUP Quick Starter book)

·         The Midnight Gang (by David Walliams)

·         Born to Run (by Bruce Springsteen)

·         Winnie the Pooh and the Philosophers (by JT Williams)

·         The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (by N Klein)

·         My favourite hobby

·         A place I love to visit

·         My top 3 football players

·         Britney Spears

·         The Eurovision Song Contest

·         The ethical treatment of animals



·         Under-18 Basketball team wins European Championship

·         The death of Whitney Houston

·         Alaska Woman Punches Bear to Save Tiny Dog

·         After 30 years, Brother and Sister Reunite on Bizarre Blind Date

·         Why Bananas are Thriving in Iceland

Qualification Specification

TIE Qualification Specification (A1-C2)

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