Brunch Event in Istanbul 9/11/2019

A special thanks to all our colleagues who attended our Brunch Event in Istanbul last Saturday.

It was lovely to meet so many English language professionals with a passion for teaching, learning and assessment!

If you attended the event and would like to view sample materials, they can be accessed directly on our website here: Classic IESOL Samples and here: Cadets Samples (towards the bottom of the page).

We are pleased to work in partnership with International Exam Centre, based in Istanbul. You can request a visit, online meeting or telephone call to discuss your needs further and gain full support to transition or start out offering Gatehouse Awards English language examinations by contacting IEC – email, call 02123565650.

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We look forward to hearing from you – working with you and your learners.

Best wishes,

Katie, Natalia and the Gatehouse Awards Team

With International Exam Centre, Istanbul.