Important changes to GA IESOL examinations

Following our recent communication regarding changes to our IESOL examination model in November, we are writing to remind you that Gatehouse Awards qualifications will not be suitable to support any immigration applications made on or after 19th November 2015.

As a result of that, Gatehouse Awards IESOL examinations will no longer be considered high stake, and to reflect that we are making a number of substantial changes to the way approved centres will be able to offer the examinations. All these changes will become effective as of 19th November 2015.

Change How it is going to improve your service to your clients
·         No minimum group session You can now book the examinations for as many or as few candidates as you want, and only pay the registration fee for the number of candidates you book.
·         No mandatory observations of each session Your candidates will be more comfortable without an extra member of staff present during their examination.  We will only conduct sample observations to ensure that your staff comply with our guidelines and regulations, and to provide advice and guidance when needed.
·         No mandatory video recordings of the speaking component Your candidates will not have the added stress of being video recorded, and you will no longer need to worry about a video recording equipment malfunction affecting the validity of the examination.
·         IESOL assessment materials will be provided to you electronically 1 day before the exam via GA secure server You will no longer have to ensure that there is a member of staff present to sign for the delivery of the secure parcel, or worry about the parcel going missing. You will also be able to return the completed assessment papers using the GA secure server within 2 working days.
·         Invigilators can now supervise up to 12 candidates You can increase the number of candidates supervised during a single examination session to 12 (previously 10), provided that your assessment room has the appropriate capacity.
What will remain the same:
·         Minimum booking time of 5 working days Whilst we give you the flexibility of delivering the exams at any time of the day, for as many candidates as you need, we will still require you to give us 5 working days’ notice of any IESOL examination session by booking it via the GA website.
·         Audio recordings Centres still need to audio record the speaking components so that GA examiners can assess the candidates’ performance on the basis of the recording.
·         Great turnaround times We still offer you the industry leading turnaround times for results – 10 working days standard, and 3 working days emergency.
·         Friendly, efficient service and support You will continue to work with a dedicated Centre Administrator, available every day to answer your questions and provide support.

In order to be able to operate the new system, you will need to install access to Gatehouse Awards secure server on the computers at your centre. This is a very simple process – please see the attached guide for the details. Each centre will be provided with the individual login details and a password in a separate email.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Gatehouse Awards Team.