What are Gatehouse Awards doing next?

In 2017, Gatehouse Awards will be launching a new range of qualifications under the brand name’ True Colours’



True Colours is an innovative suite of connected qualifications, designed to assist schools and training providers in shaping their programmes of learning and

encouraging their learners’ Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (PDBW). Building Resilience, Participation, Personal Progress and Independence are at the heart of the True Colours philosophy.


The suite is structured around seven key themes: How to be a Learner; Personal Awareness, Development, & Safety; How to Stay Healthy; Contributing to Society and Living Independently; How to Enjoy Learning, Preparing for Further Education, Employment and Training; and Preparing for Further Education, Employment and Training.


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Many of our qualifications are designed to also be made available to our overseas Centres and a whole range of support materials and teaching and learning resources are available to all our Centres, both in the UK and abroad.


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