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Following the latest information contained in the ‘Statement of changes to the Immigration Rules: HC535, 29 October 2015’ from The Home Office (UKVI), the definitive date for changes to Appendix KoLL of the Immigration Rules (governing both Settlement and Naturalisation applications) is 19th November 2015. The following quote is taken from page 2 of the document:

“The changes to Appendix KoLL set out in paragraphs KoLL 1 to KoLL 10 of this statement shall take effect from 19 November 2015. However, if an application has been made before 19 November 2015, the application will be decided in accordance with Appendix KoLL in force on 18 November 2015…”

Please note, however, that in the most recent version of Guide AN (October 2015), on pages 7 and 14 it is stated that From 12th November 2015, we will only accept English language qualifications from the Home Office approved list of acceptable qualifications.”,  and that in the current application Form AN (October 2015) there is no place for an applicant to indicate that they are supporting their application with an Ofqual-regulated ESOL qualification regardless of the date of their application.

We recognise that these discrepancies in official documentation issued by the Home Office and UKVI can and will cause confusion to our Centres and Candidates, and in an effort to avoid any adverse effects we recommend that Approved Centres and Candidates intending to use Gatehouse Awards qualifications to support any category of immigration application consult a qualified and regulated immigration adviser or solicitor.

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